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A.HVAC/R & Thermal Insulation Tapes

BondTape'sHVAC/R & Thermal Insulation Tapes include Aluminum Foil Tape, FSK(Foil-Scrim-Kraft) Tape, PSK (PP-Scrim-Kraft) Tape, and ASJ (All ServiceJacket) Tape, Foil-Scrim Tape, Alum.-Glass Cloth Tape etc.

InHVAC/R & thermal insulation application, BondTape's products provide fastand permanent bond on laminated insulation facing and forms an excellentmoisture and vapor barrier. They are suitable for sealing seams and joints ofvarious laminated insulation facings. The applications include: Duct Wrap, WallInsulation, Metal Building Insulation, Pipe Insulation, Hot Water TankInsulation.

BondTape'sAluminum Foil Tapes contribute excellent performance, are excellent forrefrigerator industry, masking operations in electroplating and paintstripping, also good at protecting cable splices, metal patching and sounddampening applications.

B.Vapor Barrier (Laminated Insulation Facing)

VaporBarrier (Laminated insulation facing) is as like as a jacket, it protectsinsulation materials better and make insulation materials working moreeffectively in HVAC system and building thermal insulation.

BondTapeproduces different vapor barrier (laminated insulation facings) includingFoil-Scrim-Kraft, Heat-Sealing Foil-Scrim-Kraft Facing,Polypropylene-Scrim-Kraft, Foil-Glass Cloth, and All Service Jacket. BondTape'sVapor Retarders meet all your needs for air-condition duct wrap, duct board,metal-building thermal insulation, pipe insulation, and industrial insulation.

BondTapeVapor Barrier (Laminated Insulation Facings):

--Cut down energy bills

--Prevent penetrating of moisture and avoid condensation

--Avoid mold and mildew of insulation materials

C.Cloth Duct Tapes

Cloth Duct Tape adopts PE-coated cloth as backingwith rubber-resin adhesive coated. It enjoys high tensile strength, excellent moistureresistant, easy tear. It conforms well to irregular surface.

It is a good choice for bundling, heavycarton packing, general maintenance, pipe wrapping, carpet fixing,air-conditioning duct's seam and joint sealing etc.

D.D/S Reflective Aluminum Foil Insulation

BondTapeD/S Reflective Aluminum Foil Insulation consists of two layers of aluminum foil(or metallized PET), one layer of high strength Kraft and one layer offiberglass reinforcement (or plastic woven), and laminates together by specialflame retardant adhesive or polyethylene.

Wrappingyour house and/or building with BondTape's D/S Reflective Aluminum FoilInsulation, it can stop heat escape from roof and wall in winter, and reduceentrance of 95% radiant heat in summer. Therefore, BondTape D/S Foil Insulationmakes you warm in winter and cool in summer. Furthermore, it can stoppenetrating of storm and dust as well as moisture.

E.Double Sided Tapes

BondTape's Double Sided Tapes use non-woven tissue / polyester / OPP /fabric as carrier, coated with water-based acrylic adhesive / solvent acrylicadhesive / Hot-Melt on both sides, and protected with double-sided siliconerelease paper.

Lots codes of Double-Sided Tapes for different application areavailable at BondTape Technology. They are suitable for general bonding, bagsealing, photos sticking, envelop sealing, shopping bag making, fabric /leather laminating, paper and film flying splicing, fabricpositioning during computer embroidering, carpet fixing, foam laminating and die-cutting etc.

F.Various General Adhesive Tapes

Basedon customer's requirements, BondTape also produces various general adhesivetape such as Single and Double Sided Foam Tape, Metallized BOPP & PolyesterTape, PVC Tape, Fiberglass Filament Reinforced Polyester Tape,Kraft-Scrim-Kraft Tape, Water-Activated Kraft Packing Tape, Masking Tape,Kapton (Polyimide) Tape etc.